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Top 5 tips to keep your credit card safe

Monday, April 15th, 2013

credit card safety, credit cardCredit card has become a very important part of our daily life. Whenever you make any purchase, you prefer using your credit card rather than carrying large amount of cash. But then you must keep your credit card safe to avoid any unauthorized use of your credit card.

Try not to disclose your credit card details to everyone. Whenever you are using your card or entering the pin of your card during transaction, try to do it in a more closed way. Don’t leave your credit card with anyone, no matter how much trust worthy he or she is. Leaving your credit card with anyone can lead to illegal transaction from your card.

Make sure that you have put your signature on the card, so that only you can use it. Absence of any proper signature can make anyone eligible to use your card. If you ever lose your card, without wasting a single moment lodge a complaint with the local station and also inform the bank authorities to block your credit card. Whenever you are making any payment, keep an eye on the person swiping your whether to see whether he is taking down any details of your card like the card number or the CVV number.