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Tips to remember while you are planning for auto loans

Friday, October 18th, 2013

auto loansHave you decided to buy a car and planning for financing options? Well, financing is much needed given the skyrocketing car rates these days and there are many tips to consider before you actually settle with the financing. The article here is a short post on the things to take care of as you plan for your auto financing.

It’s advised to prepare yourself from a year earlier for a compatible loan program. Your credit score is one of the most significant parameters for car financing and better the score greater would be your financing privileges. So, make sure to achieve and maintain a stellar credit record. Don’t get yourself involved in any kind of loans or late payments and clear all your debts to come up with a clean score report.

There are a wide variety of financing portals for your auto loan program, like banks, credit unions, private lenders, online car financing firms as well as the car dealers. It’s advised that you don’t opt for the car dealers here as financing from the auto dealers is usually costly given that the inclusion of dealer’s commission in the loan program. The car dealers are generally in touch with lenders and ask for commissions on sending their customers to the lender which the latter includes in his loan program.

You must know about the types of interest rates before deciding on the auto loan program. There are two kinds of interest rates here- fixed and floating. The fixed option won’t fluctuate as per market forces & the floating option varies as per the changes in the market.

It’s to stress here that auto financing is not impossible when you have a bad credit score. It’s just that banks and other esteemed financial organizations won’t approve financing for bad credit record holders. But, if you search well you will find some dealers that are ready to approve car financing even if you are suffering from bad credit hassles.

How to invest profitably on a second hand car?

Monday, August 20th, 2012

second hand carSecond hand cars are more profitable investments than brand new cars driven right out of the showroom. Value of second hand cars do not depreciate immediately like new cars and this is what makes it more popular. Checking the engine conditions is important. Sparkling clean engine bay does not necessarily mean top condition of the engine. It is better to take a long test drive on different roads and terrains at different speed levels to check the actual condition of the car.

Color of the engine oil and coolant are also good indicators of the car health. Check the speedometer and log book of the car carefully to know how much M.O.T is left on the car. Tax failure on a car can lead you into trouble with the authority to get the car on road and you certainly would not want to pay the tax for the distance someone else drove.