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Top 5 investment prediction for this year

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Investment tips, investment OptionsIt is known to all that if there is genuinely unpredictable in this unpredictable life, it is the market of economy. However, the experts have gathered experience over time, and though they could not get better of life, a little upper and could be taken over the market at least. There are a few trends that should be good enough for you to consider as hints. One of the first predictions that have been made by the experts regarding the economy of this year is that there is a possibility of growth in the market.

It is considered that there is going to be an upward flow along with innovations in the market economy. Secondly, it is considered that the stocks for the silver and the gold are going to be on the rise this year. In this field, a major role will be played by the marketing done by the internet. Thirdly, it is predicted that there will continue the reluctance of the banks in giving loans and finally, mobile investments will be beneficial.

Investing in real estate: is it a good idea?

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Real-estate investments, real estateAre you dreaming of investing in real estate? Then I must tell you that it is a wise decision if implemented properly or else you may tend to lose a lot of money.

There will be multiple income streams in the due course of time. The value of the property is likely to increase as time passes. You can put the property on rent. The property can be leveraged to get a huge loan or to acquire another property or to invest the money in money making options. You can also stay there and save the money on rent. It is advisable to invest if you get the money at a low rate. Never buy a property whose interest rate on the money is more than the rentals of that area. It is better to consult an experienced real estate agent who will give you expert advice. However you must be very careful regarding the location of the property as good location is an important key to earn money. However the reality of the real estate is that it operates on a cycle. The trick is to invest during the down times and cash in at the up times.

Advantages of tax deferred annuities

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Tax deferred annuities, taxIf you are thinking to do some investment for future then you have many options starting from stocks, commodities real estate and policies. While doing any investment the biggest problem that comes along is tax. Annuities are the best options for you to gain a good profit for your investment without taking any risk. There are many types of annuities present in for you to select from. If you are looking for a relief from taxes then a tax deferred annuity is best suited for you.

This annuity is the most productive annuity available for you to invest. It gives you high returns and to go along with it the annuity does not need you to pay a tax while you are investing. Once you start getting periodic paybacks at that time you will have to pay the taxes. It gives you a stable future and is best for people those who are retired. This annuity is made for people who want to have a safe investment carrier.

What are penny stocks

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Penny stocks, stocksHave you been hearing a lot about penny stocks lately and wondering for they exactly are? Well, penny stocks which are also known as cent stocks in certain countries, are basically stocks that trade under $5 on every share. Most of the long term investors and financial advisers usually avoid this kind of stocks because the decision to own them comes with high amount of risk. The penny stocks fluctuate a lot. They do make spectacular gains at certain times but at others they disappear totally.

Penny stocks, since they are trading extremely low, are always in the risk of losing their listing with the stock exchanges. This happens when the company in question is suffering financial and is almost on the brink of bankruptcy. Therefore, investors who are smart with there money avoid penny stocks as much as possible. In the United Kingdom, stocks that are priced at less than 1 pound are known as penny stocks.

What is Exchange Traded Fund

Friday, May 25th, 2012

 Exchange Traded Fund, investmentsHave you heard the term ETF or Exchange Traded fund but you have no clue what does that mean? Well, these are a certain type of investment funds whose assets list consists of expensive metals, international bonds, oil and many more items. The main investment funds create Exchange traded funds and Security Exchange Commission (SEC) needs to approve it. There will be a custodial bank that will hold all the assets that has been included in the fund.

Exchange traded fund shares are sold at the open market. Selling and purchasing of ETF can take place at any important stock exchange and investors can participate in it. The main advantage of ETF is that, the fees for exchange traded fund, is not as much as mutual funds and a good level of transparency is maintained when it comes to assets inclusion in the fund. ETF has many tax advantages as well which mutual funds can never offer.

Private equity investment explained

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Private equity investment, investment tipsPrivate Equity is gaining the right of ownership of private corporate entities unlike public equity involves access of shared ownership of public held companies. They are not publicly traded but the investment is attracted from Accredited Institutions or Individuals who have large sums to invest. The investment period on an average varies for a large period of time. They are generally on trading at the times, of company filing for Solvency. Actually under the legal veil this is a kind of limited partnership investment. They aim for long term returns.

Private Equity Firms are in for legal secure and charge a fee in return. They are not traded or listed in stock markets. The original scenario involves acquiring cash from private investors and then applying form a loan quite a more than the fund gathered, and then they try on business and aim for high profits and goodwill. Within the period of growths’ they keep on paying interest and then, they sell off the company at high price, pay off the bank loan and the rest is divided as profits among investors.