Getting an idea about couponing

Tips on couponing, couponingWith business market downsizing and competition increasing, you always need to sell the best product at a cheaper price, and this goodwill will attract new consumers, but to maintain a long-term loyal relationship with consumers, you need to give away gifts and offers along with a quality product, that’s what will make you unique from other players. There coupons and vouchers plays a role of keeping the brand loyalty alive sometimes for years and at times for generations. But it involves sharing and losing a percentage of profit, so think about it.

Coupons can be used on thanksgiving and a discount on the next purchase for a new customer or even make them fill up forms and rush them with offers on special dates. Better the coupons can also help with the moving of slow stocks on low sell periods or hours. New product introductions can also be eased with free samples and coupons by which old customers be given special discounts on the new product purchase. But be sure about the profit figures that you are foregoing.

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